Dota 2 caster said ‘battle pass’ 16,905 times on Twitch to summon its release

It took more than five hours!

Dota 2 fans have patiently waited for The International 2022 battle pass to be released for months. It finally happened on Sep. 1, and nobody wanted it more than beloved caster Robson TeaGuvnor Merritt.

In a bid to will its release into existence, TeaGuvnor committed himself to the challenge of saying battle pass live on Twitch for as long as he needed to.

Thousands of viewers tuned in to watch him do it.

Two hours in, hed said it 7,200 times, and by the time it released, he’d more than doubled it. 16,905 battle passes were spoken to summon the battle pass, he said. It took five hours 35 minutes. That’s 50 battle passes a minute!”

TeaGuvnor was the hero the Dota 2 community desperately needed to keep them entertained in the hours leading up to the battle pass release, and he didnt disappoint. They commended him for his efforts.

Today, a new legend of Dota 2 was born, said OG, the most successful esports org in the pro Dota 2 scene. If anyone knows a thing or two about knighting Dota 2 legends, it’s them.

You will be remembered for your service to the community, added Team Secret, who has a decorated history in their own right. They also finished third in The International 2021 last year.

Now the deed is done and the battle pass is out, some members of the Dota 2 community are calling on TeaGuvnor to make it a ritual before every battle pass release in the future, and hes on board with the idea.

In the meantime, though, theres plenty of exciting new battle pass content to grind for, including items, skins, sprays, taunts, and more.

TeaGuvnors determination and willpower paid off big time!

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