Dota 2 caster drops bombshell claim: A controversial team has reportedly been match-fixing in China

V1lat believes he's onto something, and he's not alone.

Just when it looked like things couldnt get any worse for Knights, who were accused of using map hacks in Chinese DPC matches and are currently being investigated, Ukrainian Dota 2 caster V1lat claims hes found evidence they were also involved in a match-fixing scandal.

Having already qualified for the Lima Major, Knights played against EHOME on Feb. 2 with nothing to gain and lost the series in straight sets. But while that isnt incriminating within itself, V1lat said he spoke to the bookmaker of a popular betting website and was reportedly told an unnormal amount of money was placed on EHOME winning the second game.

The odds of Knights winning started at 1.25 but shot up to 3.24 as the match was about to begin, he continued. V1lat claims the data also revealed a spike in bets wagered on the number of kills being odd on one side and even on the other, which ended up happening, leading him to believe the match was fixed.

He said its not the only time its happened in the Chinese DPC this season either, and pointed the finger at Dawn Gaming, who he described as one of the most corrupt teams in the world.

It seems like hes not the only one who suspects foul play. According to a report from Cybersport.RU, Ukrainian analyst STORM is convinced hes onto something, too, insisting it was an impudent 322a term used in the community to describe throwing and match-fixingthat spat in the faces of the organizers, viewers, rules and Valve itself.

STORM took it upon himself to contact Perfect World, the organizers of the Chinese DPC, hoping that the nonsense will not go unnoticed and that something will be done to uphold the integrity of competitive Dota 2.

Dot Esports has reached out to both Perfect World and Knights for a response on the reported allegations. As of publication, neither has responded to requests.

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