Documents reveal law firm that ‘oversaw’ TSM Reginald case defended the company in another case simultaneously

The attorney denied to The Jacob Wolf Report that this other case affected the investigation into Reginald.

The same law firm that was used to advise and oversee the recent investigations into TSM co-owner Andy Reginald Dinh was simultaneously helping to defend TSM in a different case, according to The Jacob Wolf Report.

Documents obtained by Jacob Wolf detailed that while attorney Matthew Marca and his firm, Gutierrez Marca, were helping coordinate the investigation into Reginald, the firm was also actively defending TSMs parent company Swift in a case that alleged the company had wrongfully terminated the contract of former Blitz marketing manager John Nguyen. When speaking to Wolf, a spokesperson for Marca explained that his work in this case did not impact the ongoing investigation into Reginald.

Nguyen’s lawsuit stemmed from alleged marijuana usage in the workplace by Blitz marketing director Nick Ward. Nguyen claimed he experienced excessive anxiety due to Ward’s alleged drug usage, and filed a complaint with Blitz HR. The complaint details that after Nguyen approached human resources manager Anna Kim to report Ward, he was told one week later that he had been fired from the company for allegations of sexual harassment. According to Nguyens attorney, he had never been questioned by anyone at Blitz regarding any such actions, and that no steps were ever taken to adhere to Nguyens rights under Californias Fair Employment and Housing Act.

Marca, who defended Swift in this case, explained in his response that the company did not discriminate or retaliate against [Nguyen], but rather acted lawfully and for legitimate business reasons. 

Marca led his defense of TSM in this case while simultaneously being involved in the investigation into extensive complaints regarding Reginald. He helped to compile a report posted to Reginalds Twitter account where it was written that the investigator found no evidence of any unlawful behavior on the part of the company, its executives, or by [Reginald] personally.

In this report, Marca claimed that his law firm’s role was to “advise and oversee” the investigations into Reginald. A Gutierrez Marca spokesperson later told Wolf that neither Marca nor his law firm provided “oversight” for the investigation, but that it specifically helped coordinate communications between Swift, its human resources department, the independent firm conducting the investigation, and eventually Riot after the investigation was complete.

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