‘Disgusting’: Growing gunplay problem has TimTheTatman losing faith in Warzone 2

It's a view the community seems to share.

TimTheTatman has taken a page out of Dr Disrespects book: the YouTube star has pinpointed what he thinks the biggest problem with Warzone 2 is heading into 2023, but insists his critiques come from a place of love.

That problem, in his view, is the time-to-kill. What made him realize was watching a viral TikTok showing Aydan gunned down by a random player disgustingly fast.

TimTheTatman couldnt believe what he saw. It was almost like you blink and you die, he said during his stream on Jan. 3. He had a third of a second to try to react to him being shot. He said it was on par if not worse than the time-to-kill on the formerly overpowered DMR, which he explained was the first weapon that every Warzone player agreed was way too strong.

For that reason, hes convinced its the biggest issue with the CoD battle royale right now by farand its not even confined to a specific weapon.

TimTheTatman has taken advantage of the incredibly fast time-to-kill himself from time to time. Look no further than the filthy one-shot kill shotgun loadout he wreaked havoc with on stream. Still, that doesnt take anything away from the fact that the time-to-kill is a hot topic among players, with most agreeing its way too fast for their liking, and a major issue that needs to be addressed. So, hes not alone in his view.

Aydan shouldnt be dying faster than the human brain can react, he said. Nobody should be dying faster than the DMR. Robots shouldnt take longer for us to kill than another person.

Only time will tell whether the developers see it as an issue worth addressing, or whether they brush it off as a gameplay change Tim and others need to get used to.

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