Disguised Toast will be fielding an LoL team in the NA Challengers League

The Toast takeover is real.

It’s only been two days since speculation started to fly around about the possibility of Disguised Toast creating his own competitive League of Legends team. But now, those rumors have become a reality.

In a new blog post today, Riot Games revealed the 10 teams competing in the North American Challengers League for the 2023 Summer Split, featuring a handful of new organizations including Disguised. This will be the second major esport that the popular streamer will have made a roster in after he entered the competitive VALORANT space at the start of this year.

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Toast hinted at his possible involvement with the professional League scene two days ago when he made the same tweet as he did when he first joined the professional VALORANT scene, asking who the best available North American LoL players are. At time of writing, however, he has not revealed the players on his upcoming lineup.

This is a breaking news story with more details to follow. Updates will be added as soon as possible.

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