Disguised Toast unveils Disguised roster on eve of NA VALORANT Challengers League open qualifier

"The Bakery" still would have been a good name.

After much anticipation, streaming superstar and OfflineTV member DisguisedToast has officially announced the formation of his pro VALORANT team, which will compete under the simplistic name of Disguised, or DSG.

The official roster consists of the players first reported to be joining the team by Dot Esports: former T1 in-game leader Joshua steel Nissan, Damion XXiF Cook, Drake Exalt Branly, Joseph clear Allen, and Amgalan Genghsta Nemekhbayar. XXiF, Exalt, Genghsta, and coach Kyle “OCEAN” O’Brien all competed together with Knights this past year.

The Knights organization has stepped back from competing in North American VALORANT to focus on running the NA VALORANT Challengers League, which will serve as the official second tier of NA VALORANT underneath the VCT Americas League. Earlier this week, Knights officially invited G2, TSM, The Guard, M80, Shopify Rebellion, and FaZe Clan to compete in the NA VALORANT Challengers League main event.

With the deals finalized, the Disguised roster will seek to reach the NA VALORANT Challengers League, and ultimately Ascension, via the open qualifiers that officially begin tomorrow, Jan. 9. They will look to become one of six open qualifier teams to reach the league via two open qualifier brackets.

The first open qualifier runs from Jan. 9 until Jan. 13 with the top four advancing to the league, with a second “last chance” qualifier running from Jan. 17 to Jan. 22 and advancing two teams.

League play itself for NA VALORANT Challengers begins on Feb. 1, and will consist of two splits with a mid-season invitational between, followed by playoffs.

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