Disguised Toast unbanned from Twitch after 48 hours

The popular streamer is back once again!

Twitch streamer Disguised Toast has been unbanned on the platform after receiving a suspension for watching the anime Death Note.

Many were unsure how long the ban would last. While some were speculating that it may be a 48-hour suspension, similarly to fellow Twitch streamer Imane Pokimane Anys, others wondered if it could be a longer suspension. 

Now, suspicions have finally been quelled as the popular streamer has been unbanned and is immediately back to streaming on his normal schedule once again.

Streaming without the consent of the copyright holder violates Twitchs policy, and popular streamers have been receiving bans for streaming copyrighted content due to the react meta. But in this case, Toast actually claimed he had good friend LilyPichu purposefully issue a DMCA takedown to scare people from watching anime.

Whether it works remains to be seen, but another show that has been more forgiving to the React Meta is cooking show, Masterchef. 

Twitch streamers like Hasan Piker and Felix xQc Lengyel have been avid fans of the cooking show, namely for the outspoken personality of Gordon Ramsey. While there have been some issues with streaming the show, like Pikers initial DMCA strike, there have been more forgiving.

And in some instances, like xQcs possible Gordon Ramsey collaboration, it could allow streamers to watch a show for free.

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