Disguised Toast reveals genius plan to get his VALORANT team into franchising


The owner of the Disguised VALORANT roster in North American Challengers has revealed his foolproof plan to get into franchisingeven if it takes years. 

Disguised Toast, known as one of the largest streamers in the world, said his VALORANT team could eventually be partnered with developers Riot Games to compete in the Americas international league. The secret? Wait for the better teams to get into the league. 

The good news is that if we dont win then next year will be easier, he said on his Twitch stream last night, referencing the one team who are set to secure promotion to the Americas partnered league through the Ascension tournament. 

For example, if The Guard wins this year, well next year we dont have to play The Guard, he said. If M80 wins the year after that, then next year we dont have to play M80 eventually, any team that is better than us will be franchised. 


Hes not wrongsort of. The best team from the Americas Ascension will qualify for the partnered league the following year and that number will continue to increase over the following years. 

But these Challengers teams who secure a spot in the partnered league are only there for a few years and then they have to fight through Challengers and Ascension once more. So Disguised, if they dont make it to Ascension, may have to face off against a top Challengers team in a few years, minimum. 

Also, theres a chance that a South American or Latin American team will secure qualification for partnership over the North American teams. Ascension is a culmination of Challengers in the region, not just North America. 

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