Disguised Toast opens up about VALORANT team’s dreadful start to NA Challengers

"Esports have been one of the more challenging experiences I've faced in my career."

Disguised Toast’s VALORANT team, Disguised, has had a rocky start in NA VCT Challengers. Following their third-straight defeat on May 3, the streamer addressed the team’s struggles.

In a tweet on May 4, he apologized for the team’s disappointing results (0-3) and explained how challenging the experience has been for everyone. “Esports have definitely been one of the more challenging experiences I’ve faced in my career,” he said.

The streamer explained losses have been difficult to handle due to the amount of attention and pressure the team received thanks to Disguised Toast’s name behind them.

“They all message me after each loss apologizing for their performances and it really sucks to see them so defeated,” he said. “They are each trying their best and that is all anyone can ask from someone.”

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Disguised Toast entered the esports scene after acquiring two VALORANT teams in April, one competing in the NA Challengers and the other attempting to qualify for the VCT Game Changers circuit.

But since then, the male team hasn’t met expectations and the female roster experiment has seemingly come to an end after just a few series played in April.

Disguised have two series left to play in the NA Challengers circuit, and they won’t be easy. The team are set to face off against M80 on May 12 and TSM the week that follows. Despite the poor start, the team still have a chance to get back to the top of the rankings if they bag the next two wins.

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