Disguised Toast just barely survived watching the end of his VALORANT team’s latest match

Let's get this bread.

There are a few ways to stress out a team ownerand taking a VALORANT match to overtime on the last map to decide the series is definitely up there. 

Disguised Toast, known as one of the most popular streamers in North America, watched his team Disguised take on OREsports last night in the VALORANT Challengers league match, which ended with a DSG victory 2-1. 

The match was razor close, however, which stressed out both Tarik and Toast, who were watching the game together. After a few rounds of overtime on the third map Pearl, Clear managed to win a one versus one against PureVNS and was just barely able to defuse the Spike in time, with milliseconds to spare. 


Both Toast and Tarik were impressed with the win as DSG move up the rankings in Group B. The team have a 2-1 record following the victory but sit just below The Guard and M80 at the top of the standings. 

His team managed to dispatch of OREsports on the first map with a 13-6 scoreline on Split. Haven was a lot closer, however, as OREsports managed to secure the victory after 26 rounds of play with a 14-12 scoreline. 

Pearl was the decider, which ended with a 15-13 scoreline victory to DSGtalk about a close call. 

Disguised need to finish inside of the top four in their group to qualify for the mid-season face-off, which is set to begin on Jan. 24. 

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