Disguised Toast is ‘thinking’ about creating another VALORANT team

It seems he has really fell in love with Riot Games' FPS.

Twitch star Disguised Toast said on Twitter yesterday that he’s considering starting a VALORANT team to compete in VCT Game Changers, Riot Games’ circuit for marginalized genders.

Toast asked who the “best available unsigned” Game Changers VALORANT player is at the moment, mimicking exactly what he said prior to signing Joshua steel Nissan, Damion XXiF Cook, Drake Exalt Branly, Joseph clear Allen, and Amgalan Genghsta Nemekhbayar in January 2023 to play in the NA Challengers League open qualifiers.

Multiple female players made themselves available to talk to Toast after he tweeted. Some of the candidates include former Immortals player Lydia “tupperware” Wilson, former Misfits black stand-in korosu, and kay, a current player of Team Karma, which features veteran players Amanda “rain” Smith and Emmalee “EMUHLEET” Garrido.

VALORANT Game Changers has been rising in popularity since it was created in 2021. The grand finals of VCT Game Changers in November 2022 peaked at 239,334 viewers during the match between North Americas Shopify Rebellion and Europes G2 Gozen. Riot made changes to the Game Changers format heading to 2023, which could attract even more investment to the scene.

Toast has been deeply invested in VALORANT since he picked up steel and crew in January 2023 and can be seen following their games on Twitch and rooting for them every match. This is just the streamer’s first venture into professional esports and Disguised is doing fairly well at NA Challengers League Split One. They have a 2-1 record and are in a great spot to qualify for the Mid-Season Invitational at the end of March.

Should Toast build a team to create in Game Changers, he could bring an array of new viewers to the scene and help it grow even further.

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