Disguised Toast is afraid Cloud9 will poach his star player after yay’s departure

C9 could be looking for another duelist, after all.

Twitch star Disguised Toast is worried that Cloud9 might attempt to acquire his duelist Joseph “clear” Allen, who he thinks is one of the best players in the NA Challengers League, to replace yay.

C9 announced yesterday that it mutually parted ways with yay following the team’s disappointing performance at VCT LOCK//IN, confirming reports by journalist Max Katz and Dot Esports, due to the current role issues in the squad. C9 is currently holding trials to find a new fifth and head coach Matthew mCe Elmore admitted they might change more than one player.

Although Jimmy Marved Nguyen is one of the players trialing, according to Dot Esports, and arguably a good fit for every team in the world after what he accomplished in OpTic Gaming in 2022, Toast is afraid C9 may turn to Disguised and pick up clear to replace yay.

“Im worried because Id say I have the best duelist in Challengers,” Disguised Toast said on his recent livestream. Where else are they going to look to replace yay?


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Although Toast praised clear’s gameplay, he’s far away from being the best player on Disguised, at least statistically speaking. The Filipino has averaged a 1.06 rating in NA Challengers League thus far, according to VLR.gg, and is behind Amgalan “Genghsta” Nemekhbayar (1.17), Damion “XXiF” Cook (1.17), and Drake “Exalt” Branly (1.16) in that regard. Clear does have, though, the second-highest ACS on Disguised (216.9) and helped his team defeat OREsports yesterday with a one-vs-one clutch in the end.

Clear has been playing for Disguised since Toast picked up him and the other four players in January while they were still preparing for the 2023 NA Challengers League open qualifier. Disguised are currently 2-1 in the league and one of the favorites to qualify for the Mid-Season Invitational.

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