Disguised Toast comes back for more Game Changers, opens application for NA VALORANT players

Break out the toaster again.

Disguised Toast has reopened the door to Game Changers, announcing today that his VALORANT team, Disguised, is looking for female and marginalized gender players to participate in future Game Changers events in North America.

The Disguised account posted an official application form today, encouraging anyone to send it along to anyone who would be a good fit. Disguised has opened the application to female and marginalized-gender players playing at any competitive level and rank (if any).

Interested players can navigate to the Google form and designate their rank, roles, and willingness to take on the in-game leader role.

It’s a quick return to action in the Game Changers scene for Toast and the Disguised brand; last month, they brought on a squad stacked with superstar streamer talent, including QuarterJade, kyedae, Syd, and tenzin, which was led by former Immortals in-game leader tupperware and coach Ruin. The team won their opening match in the NA Game Changers One open qualifier, but fell short of the main event, however, they did bring in incredible viewership numbers for Game Changers.

Following the early exit from Game Changers One, Toast “released” the streamer-led team due to role issues and financial hardships,” but the Disguised account tweeted see you in a few months, implying a potential return to the scene. Prior to bringing on the stream dream team, Toast said back in March that he was unable to put together a legitimate competitive team “responsibly” in time for Game Changers One.

Dates for Game Changers Two have not been announced yet.

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