Dignitas give C9 a scare, but fall flat in mid-game to remain winless in 2023 LCS Spring

DIG are now just two losses away from going a full round robin without a victory.

It would have been a bold assumption to claim that the LCS last-place, 0-6 Dignitas squad would give Cloud9 such a hard time in todays LCS week four matchup, but for a strong majority of the early-game, it appeared as though the leagues worst team may have been able to do the impossible and pull off the biggest upset in pro League this year. 

However, fate found a way to keep Cloud9 in a tie for second place, as they improved their record to 5-2 after figuring things out through a series of decisive mid-to-late-game teamfight victories. 

For 17 minutes, Dignitas held a staunch gold lead over Cloud9 in todays contest thanks to bottom lane retaliation kills, as well as the first real glimpse of synergy between the topside pairing of Armut and Santorin. Dignitas held serve against C9 in the early-game, bringing a nearly-4,000 gold lead into the 15-minute mark. After that, though, Cloud9 hit their stride, as their Lucian-Nami pairing in the bottom lane came online and put Dignitas in the dirt. This was the first time that the versatile duo of Berserker and Zven played Lucian-Nami this season, and they piloted the pair to its fullest, with the two of them combining for a scoreline of 8/2/20. 

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On the other side of the bottom lane, Dignitas starting support IgNar finally made his debut with the team after three weeks of visa-related complications. He earned a respectable kill under tower on Zven in the laning phase, but failed to have much of an impact elsewhere, as Dignitas were choked out by Cloud9 in all facets of the game after they were unable to capitalize on a hot start. 

While this game was certainly expected to go in Cloud9s favor, the fact that Dignitas appeared to actually have a shot before things went sour could be a positive omen for a team thats yet to put a number in the win column. This week, Dignitas will close out their schedule with games against TSM and Golden Guardians. They remain the only major region League team to not win a game this season. 

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