Diana’s new Winterblessed skin transforms Summoner’s Rift into a snowy paradise when she lands a pentakill

Miss League's winter map? Say no more.

The League of Legends developers are adding some festive features to the game ahead of the winter season.

On Nov. 15, seven Winterblessed skins were revealed, with one of them being for Diana. As shared by Riot Games VFX artist Sirhaian, Diana’s Winterblessed skin has a unique effect when she scores a pentakill.

When the Scorn of the Moon gets a pentakill, the map becomes snowy and an aurora appears over her head. This unique effect is seen by everyone while Summoner’s Rift is covered with snow for a brief few seconds.

In a clip posted by the dev, a blue aurora is visible over the mid lane as the Rift changes from green and teeming with life map to gray and cold. This effect lasts for around 15 seconds.

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But this isn’t the only feature coming with Diana’s new Winterblessed skin. The champion will also visually transform when she damages at least two enemies with her Moonfall (R). When transformed, Diana leaves a purple tint behind her attacks and abilities.

The Winterblessed Diana has a handful of new features. The champion will leave an aurora-like trail when leaving the base with Homeguard, and will also draw an aurora with her blade when recalling back to the base.

The skin hits the Rift with Patch 12.23, which is expected to go live on Dec. 7, according to Riot’s official patch schedule.

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