Diablo 4 open beta marred by disconnects and deleted characters

Taken to hell, permanently.

Diablo 4 is only a few hours into the early access weekend for its open beta, and like any open beta when it first opens, the game is struggling to keep pace with the influx of players and is being hit by errors, disconnections, and even deleted characters.

Errors are to be expected during the first weekend of the Diablo 4 open beta, but those that reverse or negate progress will really stick out. Sadly for players trying to enjoy the open beta, they’re getting their entire characters deleted after getting disconnected.

A handful of different errors are affecting players and disconnecting them from the game, and some are re-connecting to find the characters have gotten deleted. These disconnections are happening in the menu and during gameplay. Even streamers like Asmongold have been bitten by the bug.

Blizzard Entertainment has already publicly commented on other problems plaguing the Diablo 4 open beta like the authentication server issue, which is resulting in failed or slowed login attempts. Many players have been complaining about queues lasting well over an hour, and the ones that get disconnected or kicked off have to get back in line yet again.

If it’s any consolation to players that have had their characters deleted after a disconnect, all characters and progress in Diablo 4 will be reset and wiped at the conclusion of the main open beta weekend. Some players wanting to try out the Druid or Necromancer class won’t even be able to do so until next weekend.

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Currently, there does not appear to be an easy or apparent method of restoring a deleted character during the Diablo 4 open beta early access period.

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