Dev1ce has been dominating one CS:GO map since returning to Astralis

The Dane is better than any of the other top AWPers in that regard.

Though Astralis aren’t particularly doing well in CS:GO nowadayshaving missed the BLAST Paris Major in May, for examplethey have seen a massive improvement on Overpass ever since dev1ce rejoined the team in October 2022 thanks to his impressive consistency.

Dev1ce has only had below a 1.00 rating once on Overpass since returning to Astralis, according to HLTV, and it was in his first map of the 2023 season against Vitality. Ever since that Vitality game, dev1ce’s numbers have skyrocketed and he has produced multiple dominant performances on Overpass, as you can see below.

Screenshot via HLTV

Dev1ce’s performance on Overpass surely helped the rest of Astralis play well on the map, too. The team’s win rate on Overpass jumped from a mediocre 51.6 percent in 2022, when dev1ce only played the map once for them, to an outstanding 78.6 percent, according to HLTV, when he played every Overpass match.

The Danish AWPer has been the living king of Overpass ever since he outplayed FalleN at the PGL Kraków Major in 2017 and even his nearly one-year hiatus from competition between 2021 and 2022 didn’t slow him down. Dev1ce is, in fact, the best Overpass player in comparison to the three best players of 2022s1mple, ZywOo, and sh1roin 2023, according to HLTV.

1.49 rating1.32 rating1.23 rating1.17 rating
1.70 K/D1.45 K/D1.40 K/D1.31 K/D
92.6 ADR88.7 ADR76.6 ADR75 ADR
Comparison between dev1ce, s1mple, ZywOo, and sh1ro on Overpass

Overpass aside, dev1ce is also Astralis’ highest-rated player in the 2023 season alongside star rifler blameF. Both of them have averaged a 1.24 rating, according to HLTV, in a total of 84 maps played this year. Despite all of their individual impact, however, Astralis still haven’t found their footing this season and are nowhere near to being one of the world’s top teams again.

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