Destiny 2’s success has been thrust into the spotlight after Overwatch 2 failure

The good outweighs the bad.

Although its sad to see players leaving Overwatch 2 for broken promises regarding PvE, there has been a silver liningbut for other games like Destiny 2.

In a May 17 post shared on the Destiny subreddit, one gamer expressed their appreciation for Bungie and Destiny 2. Despite flaws, the player said, theyre glad the devs kept the live-service game alive and provided PvP and PvE content. And theyre not alone in their sentiment either.

There is plenty to celebrate about the long-standing series, Destiny players said: While there is a steep learning curve, content lulls, glitches and bugs, and sometimes the feeling that it only rewards players who devote themselves, Destiny 2 is a solid and reliable title with an incredible score, deep lore, and satisfying gunplay.

Even though Destiny has issues, they continued, players couldnt deny it offers several unique features and DLCs, and they believe the good outweighs the bad.

In the past, Bungie had gone a similar route to Blizzard, where they removed a lot of content and had a falling player base. But, per the players, one of the more notable differences is Bungie listened to feedback and began re-adding content and introducing new items and content for playersall of which they cant say about Blizzard and Overwatch.

However, some believe Destiny 2 and Bungie are celebrated more than enough. So much so that players often forgive the company for things like broken storylines.

So, whether you agree or disagree, its nice to see there are games and developers, like Destiny 2 Guardians and Bungie, that are being appreciated more because of the Overwatch 2 PvE fallout, even if theyre a little flawed too.

Overwatch’s PvE replacement, a co-op playlist, arrives in season six.

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