Destiny 2’s newly founded fishing community want their hobby to take over the game

We need fishing to be permanent.

Fishing is generally a leisurely activity where you catch different fish species and earn achievements. With the recent addition of fishing in Season of the Deep, the now passionate fishing community wants fishing to be a leisurely activity that takes over Destiny 2.

In a post on the Destiny 2 subreddit on May 24, players shared their thoughts on how Bungie could take fishing to the next level to create a more versatile, fun, and relaxing pastime that would be permanent and not locked behind a pay-pass.

Some suggestions included a title obtained by acquiring all the fishing triumphs at a pond, more fishing ponds set on an active rotation, equipable rods for titles, and various fish in each pond that refresh every 15 minutes.

Even from these suggestions, fans already know this is not leisurely and have expanded on these relaxing suggestions to include ideas like PvP fishing, Exotic fishing rods you need to complete quests to obtain, aquatic-themed mounts like turtles, and the longer it takes for a fish to be caught on the lure, the more exotic it could be.

All of these would take a lot to grind for, but thats something most Destiny 2 players dont mind doing anyway. And then others would also like to have intense hype music to make the minigames more enjoyable.

But fishing has become so enjoyable for players that they want it to be more than just a one-off minigame, with Exotic rods and fish, more ponds, and titles, proving there really is no such thing as a leisurely activity in Destiny 2.

And who knows, maybe we’ll get Season of the Angler next up.

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