Dendi offers the perfect advice for raging Dota 2 players

MMR is just a number.

Dota 2 can be mentally taxing, especially when players lose way too many ranked games on repeat. Feeling lost in the void, a player recently asked the Dota 2 community how they dealt with extended losing streaks.

It feels like theres someone at Valve, pairing me with griefers the user said, and his cries were heard by a Dota 2 legend, Danil “Dendi” Ishutin.

Within the Dota 2 community, Dendis known for his chill and down-to-earth personality. Given how toxic professional players can be, Dendi shines as a beacon of light, the embodiment of a Positive Mental Attitude.

In his tweet, Dendi essentially says nothing good comes out of revenge queuing. He advised the community to take a break after two losses, and touch grass. Spending time with loved ones, going on a walk, or doing anything besides playing Dota 2 can greatly help players to reset their mindset.

When players continue queueing for a match after back-to-back losses, the tilt starts to get to them even if they think theyre fine. When you aren’t at the top of your game, the chances of winning will be lower, hence the importance of a break.

During this time, you can also objectively think about what may have gone wrong in your matches, and try finding the flaws in your own gameplay.

Competitive players often try to squeeze in more than six matches a day, which can be unhealthy, both physically and mentally. If Dota 2 is a passionate hobby for you, consider taking breaks so you can start your next match with calm and positive vibes.

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