Degster shuts down rumors about roster changes in OG

The speculation isn't over, though.

OG might not be doing any roster changes in its CS:GO division despite recent rumors.

Abdul “degster” Gasanov, the sniper of OG, responded to the rumors yesterday, claiming that there will be “0 roster changes in OG.” At the same time, he asked the CS:GO community to listen to “less leaks.”

The leaks he was responding to come from OverDrive, a CIS scene insider who often reports on űroster moves in the European and CIS teams. On Dec. 26, he wrote that “OG are searching for a rifle next season,” and the community rapidly started speculating on who might be replaced. Most people pointed to F1KU or Neofrag, who were added to the OG roster on May 27.

Furthermore, OverDrive responded to degster’s tweet, claiming that the sniper might be wrong and doesn’t have the knowledge of the potential changes yet. “Most of the time I know info before players,” OverDrive answered. He also added that degster will be keeping his spot in the lineup either way.

Degster is the most recent addition of OG, who replaced mantuu with the Russian player in July. Since then, the team had their ups and downs, qualifying for the organization’s first CS:GO Major in Rio de Janeiro, and going all the way to the semifinals in BLAST Premier: World Final 2022. They also secured the top three in the BLAST Premier: Fall Finals 2022.

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