Deft reminds fans why he’s a League World Champion with stunning Kai’Sa outplay

He still has it.

No one becomes a League of Legends World Champion by accident, and Deft recently reminded everyone about his brilliant mechanical skills.

During his Jan. 8 stream, the 2022 Worlds winner pulled off an incredible one-vs-four outplay on Kai’Sa. At one point in one of his games, Deft was 100 health from dying, but his mechanical prowess allowed him to come out victorious.

During the play, Deft was left alone against four enemies, closing in on him in the mid lane around the 25th minute. None of the enemies had hard, targeted CC, which allowed Deft to kite them almost perfectly. With smart usage of Killer Instinct (R) and Supercharge (E), the player managed to dodge most of the skill shots coming his way, while also sneaking in basic attacks against his opponents.

At first, he took care of two of his enemies, then healed up by clearing the Razorbeaks camp. When back at full health, and with a friendly LeBlanc coming in to steal the enemies’ attention, Deft had no issues finishing them off and claiming a more than deserved quadra kill.

Such a flashy play would be tough to pull off for a regular League player, but not for the 2022 World Champion. Last year, Deft claimed the Summoner’s Cup with DRX, securing the only trophy he had yet to lift. Throughout his career, Deft has won both LCK and LPL trophies, as well as the Mid-Season Invitational competition in 2015.

In the recent offseason, Deft moved to DWG KIA. The team will begin the 2023 LCK Spring season on Jan. 18.

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