Dashy returns to OpTic roster and is challenged by Scump to ‘be a good teammate’

Scump takes a step back so that Dashy can rise to the occasion.

OpTic Texas is bringing Brandon Dashy Otell back into its starting Call of Duty League roster as Seth Scump Abner steps down from competing, the organization confirmed today. 

OpTic recently benched Dashy and replaced him with Cuyler Huke Garland. But with the news of Scump suddenly retiring midseason, Dashy will now be returning to the starting roster.

The complete OpTic Texas roster is built around three players who won the Modern Warfare CDL Championship on Dallas Empire, mixed with one of the most talented assault rifle players currently competing. In Scumps thank you video, he brought up that Dashy would be returning to the roster and directly addressed the internal issues the team had been having before he was benched. 

Bringing [Dashy] back made sense, Scump said. Life is too short to hold grudges and be mad at each other so I hope he uses this opportunity to be a good teammate, and Brandon, I am going to be on your ass. Please use this opportunity well because I am falling down so you can go up.

Dashy had a lot to say about the OpTic roster after being benched, criticizing the way the team was being coached, among several other things. But Dashy still took the time to publicly thank Scump on Twitter today for all that he has done for him in the last few years.

OpTic, who are currently 1-0 in the CDL Major Two qualifiers, will be playing the Seattle Surge and Toronto Ultra in their next two matches. This will be a turning point to decide which teams will have better seeding at Major Two, something OpTic needs after failing to perform the last time around.

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