Dashy claims OpTic Texas coach prioritized bowling over practice

Dashy isn't going without a fight.

Former OpTic Texas player Brandon Dashy Otell claims coach Raymond “Rambo” Lussier would leave scrims once a week. 

OpTic recently released Dashy who had been with the organization since 2018 and was a franchise player next to Seth Scump Abner. After a lackluster start to the Modern Warfare 2 season, OpTic reevaluated the roster. The end decision was to remove Dashy from the team and bring on Cuyler Huke Garland who had recently been dropped from the Los Angeles Guerrillas. In the end, OpTic brought together three players who won a ring with Dallas Empire in 2020 instead of keeping a staple in Dashy. 

On his stream tonight, Dashy aired out all the drama that happened internally with OpTic. One of the biggest claims dropped was that head coach Rambo would chalk the teams second set of scrims once a week. According to Dashy, Rambo would leave so he could attend bowling practice for a league.

This fucking guy [Rambo], I cant believe Im about to say this shit, said Dashy. Once a fucking week this guy will chalk our second set [of scrims], no one says a word by the way, for fucking bowling practice.

Dashy claims Rambo would go into the call with the players and dip from scrims, leaving the work to the analysts and assistant coaches. Rambo, who use to play for OpTic before retiring, use to coach the Dallas Empire and three of the four current players of the team.

According to Dashy no one else on the team cares that Rambo was leaving, leading viewers to believe that he was the only one that saw it as an issue.

Im looking around like, this guy is dipping work, this guy is leaving his job, am I faded, asked Dashy to his stream. Im like, this is not normal, right? No one says a thing. Its another Tuesday to everyone.

With the stream happening in the middle of the night for those in the United States, Rambo nor OpTic have had the opportunity to respond to the claims made by Dashy.

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