D.Va’s new Overwatch 2 skin might be her wildest one yet

It's also a little bit of a history lesson.

The shop in Overwatch 2 today has added a new bundle for everyones favorite mech pilot D.Va, and with a shiny new Legendary skin, the Turtle Ship D.Va Bundle will likely be sought after by tank mains across the board.

Costing 2,200 OW coins, the bundle includes the Turtle Ship Legendary skin, Turtle Ship weapon charm, Unsinkable victory pose, Turtle Ship player icon, and Turtle Ship spray.

The bundles skin is obviously the main prize of the bundle, and it very well may be one of the most unique cosmetics in the game to date. While the skin itself is called Turtle Ship, it looks more akin to what someone would expect if an artist tried to turn Marios arch-nemesis Boswer into a pilotable cyborg.

Image via Blizzard

The top of D.vas mech is a spiked turtle shell thats accented with gold and helmed by a golden dragons head. Meanwhile, her guns also bare a similar spiked turtle shell aesthetic. The legs of the mech contrast the top, and seem to be a representation of waves in the ocean that are flowing beneath the top-heavy, red-and-black turtle tank.

The cosmetic package was derived from the Korean warship Geobukseon. The western world described the type of watercraft as a turtle boat or turtle ship. The pre-industrial war vessels date back to the 1400-1500s, and D.Vas pilot outfit presumably is made to at least somewhat resemble the Korean navy that would be piloting those ships.

As of the time of writing this piece, the new bundle will only be available for the next six days. Its unclear if or when the bundle might return after it goes away in a week.

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