Cypher can still place some buggy cameras on Split in VALORANT

Where is everybody hiding?

One of the best information-gathering agents in VALORANT is still pretty good on Split, it seems. 

The sentinel agent Cypher, who can be switched out for Killjoy on Split, can use his camera in some weird ways. One Reddit user recently posted a video of a camera that allows the player to see his enemies even before the round starts. 

Usually, the barriers prevent players from peeking at the opponents since you could uncover their plans before the round even starts, especially on the defensive side. 

But this camera, which allows players to view attackers jumping on the box outside of the A entrance toward spawn, can be placed by the defenders on top of the pillar, which is located to the right of the window. 

Players have to shift themselves into the corner and aim the camera toward the apex of the pillar and jump to place the camera at the highest point. Then, once the player is inside of the camera, they need to look toward the spawn, where you can get a pretty good view of the attackers if theyre there. 

There are some downsides, however. If the attackers do not hop up on the box, the Cypher player cannot view the attackers. And if the attackers decide to rush the site, then theyll need to position correctly to stay alive. 

Since the camera is pretty exposed, players on the attack may destroy it before it can be used to tag an opponent, however. But the information gathered at the start of the round may be worth the risk. 

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