CS:GO’s latest update introduces changes to Anubis

Where's the operation, though?

The latest patch for CS:GO was released on Jan. 25, and it added a few tweaks to Anubis.

The developers changed a number of positions. The ones that are the most impacted are B Long and Canal. When it comes to the former, Ivy was trimmed and the clipping at Ruins and B Long was adjusted. Ruins themselves are “slightly less ruined,” as well, which should make it easier for both sides to pick fights in that position.

Canal saw a change to its Boat, which now has a different shape. The water grates at the back of Canal were also lowered. Besides that, grenade clipping around bomb sites has been adjusted, and Valve added some minor optimizations.

Overall, these changes should make Anubis slightly easier to navigate, though, the changes are barely visible. Seeing the update for the map is hardly surprising at all since every new map in the CS:GO tournament map pool is tweaked by the developers a few months after its release. Anubis was added to the game on Nov. 18, 2022.

The community is waiting for Valve to release a new operation to the game, since the last one, Riptide, was added on Sept. 21, 2021. A lot of players have their hopes up that the next one is right around the corner, and are waiting for the official update from Valve.

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