CS:GO’s biggest hotspot for cheaters that players should avoid

This classic map takes the cake once again.

The most popular map in CS:GO is also the favorite among cheatersunsurprisingly.

Leetify, a website dedicated to CS:GO stats, has identified which maps are the most used by cheaters who received a VAC ban. And it turns out 0.81 percent of Mirage players received a VAC ban, making it the most popular map for cheaters.

The analyzed data included 5.4 million unique accounts, “with matches processed by Leetify in July 2022.” This means that out of every 10,000 players on Mirage, at least 81 cheated and were banned from the game.

The community often thinks of Dust 2 as the most popular map among cheaters in CS:GO. But in reality, it sits in third place with 0.60 percent. In second place with 0.64 percent is Office, a hostage map not included in the active map pool.

Inferno and Nuke take fourth and fifth place with 0.54 and 0.53 percent, respectively. All the other maps, including Cache and Train, are above 0.40 percent, except for Ancient, which sits in last place with 0.35 percent.

On July 26, Leetify also analyzed the most popular maps in the game. Their data proved that Mirage sits at the top with a 29.6 percent pick rate in matchmaking.

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