CS:GO update issue may be to blame for CS2 beta players being kicked early

We might finally have our answer.

Counter-Strike 2 players woke up yesterday to a prompt ripping them from beta access, sending the fandom into full-release hysteria. 24 hours later, speculation has shifteda Global Offensive update might actually be the issue.

CS:GO currently runs on version, while CS2 is running on This lead community members like Poggu to believe the next planned CS:GO update, 7.0, actually collides with the current CS2 version. What this means, at least on this line of speculation, is that the code may be trying to force CS2 players to update too.

This means players will likely be able to access CS2s servers again as soon as the patch drops, including those who were unceremoniously dumped from the beta on May 2.

The expected update will most likely be related to CS:GO rather than CS2, according to Poggu’s speculation. And while many are eager for the beta to get more maps and features, if you’re a skin fan, this could be the best news yet.

Players have been eagerly awaiting stickers for the BLAST Paris Major 2023, and this update could be the patch those fans have been waiting for. The sticker collections are usually released quite close to the start of the Majors Challenger stage, but fans have been sitting in limbo awaiting their arrival for days now.

So, while the CS2 Summer 2023 release looms, it looks like this update could be Valve getting its ducks in a row, paired with new sticker capsules.

For those whove had the luxury of CS2 access, fear not; youll hopefully be back to excruciating queues in no time. Maybe one day, the rest of us will get let in too.

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