CS:GO Twitter might be teasing an iconic map taking the spotlight in Source 2

“I’m not superstitious, but I am a little stitious.”

The most dedicated CS:GO enthusiasts have been diving into every bit of potential information regarding the supposedly-upcoming Counter-Strike 2. Fans have been closely inspecting back-end updates, config file updates, leaked map pools, and more, but the only response from Valve so far has been limited mostly to Twitter replies.

But what if the gifs the CS:GO account is using are more than just a coincidence? What if it’s a pattern? Since the initial report regarding CS2 from Richard Lewis came out, the CSGO account account has replied to three different tweets about CS2 or Source 2 with gifs from the acclaimed American television series The Office.

Maybe it’s reading too much into the preferences of whoever is running the account, but maybe it means something more. It’s possible that the account is teasing that the iconic Office map could play an important role in the next iteration of Counter-Strike.

Office has been a part of the series since the very beginning, first appearing in the beta stages of the original Counter-Strike game way back in the year 2000. The most recognizable hostage rescue map has been included in every installment of the series since, including present-day CS:GO. However, given its status and design as a hostage rescue map, it’s never been a prominent fixture of competitive play or the pro scene.

But maybe that changes with the implementation of Source 2. Office could receive a big overhaul or rework into a bomb defusal map, or at the very least receive a massive visual upgrade, much like how Valve has done with notable maps like Nuke or Cache.

Still, there is a chance we’re looking too deep into Twitter replies. But sometimes you just start a sentence and you dont even know where its going, and you just hope you find it along the way.

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