CS:GO teams have agreed to not use one game feature at BLAST Paris Major

That's probably for the best.

Teams participating in the BLAST.tv Paris CS:GO Major have made a gentleman’s agreement to stop using agent player skins during the tournament, according to Apeks’ Justinas “jL” Lekavicius.

In a tweet after their May 9’s series against G2 Esports, jL confirmed that the teams have agreed not to use the player skins in the Major, in response to an issue with hitboxes.

The CS:GO agent skins were introduced to the game in November 2019, but unfortunately they still suffer from issues. Some of them have smaller or bigger hitboxes than they should have, while others blend in really well with certain maps. As a result, some teams may have an advantage when using agents on different maps.

Therefore, in order to maintain the competitive integrity of the tournament, the pros have agreed not to use them at the BLAST.tv Paris CS:GO Major, and the community supports this decision. “Mad respect for such good pros,” reads one of the replies to jL’s reveal.

The whole discussion began in an unusual way, though. In Apeks and G2’s series, jL was actually caught using one of the skins on Anubis and switched it off after a few first rounds. Later on, he admitted on Twitter he had used it by accident. “It wasn’t intentional, just forgot to take it off,” the player wrote.

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Currently, teams are fighting for the remaining slots in the Legends Stage of the BLAST.tv Paris CS:GO Major, with the last day of the Challengers Stage taking place on May 11. The second part of the event starts on May 13.

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