CS:GO star Twistzz says fans are ‘overreacting’ to the hype of Source 2 and CS2

His points are valid.

Since independent journalist Richard Lewis reported that Valve will launch Counter-Strike 2, a game that will come with the company’s next-gen engine Source 2, at the end of March, a plethora of fans, pros, and content creators have been excited about what this could mean for the franchise. FaZe Clan’s CS:GO star rifler Twistzz, however, isn’t buying all the hype.

“I think people are overreacting really bad right now with Source 2,” Twistzz said on ESL Pro League season 17‘s casting couch after his team FaZe Clan defeated Ninjas in Pyjamas yesterday. “I think Source 2 is a main update to help them mesh the maps better together, like fix texture problems or any issues. On Overpass, for example, if youre walking along the left wall on Long, you’ll get stuck. I think issues like that are the ones that will get fixed. Maybe some grenade bugs or maps. Honestly, if you look at a map like Tuscan, it feels like the limit of what Source 1 can accomplish.”


While Twistzz was sharing his thoughts, his veteran teammate karrigan can be seen rolling his eyes and nervously holding his microphone, like he wanted to say something as well. Mauisnake, one of the commentators, implied that karrigan might be under a non-disclosure agreement that prevents him from talking about Counter-Strike 2. After this comment, Twistzz suggested that the in-game leader may have flown to Valve’s headquarters in Seattle on one of the three days off FaZe had so far.

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It’s possible that Counter-Strike 2 will have better graphics than its predecessor CS:GO while also presenting new mechanics that could bring old players back or attract people who have never played CS before. But even though we know only so much about Counter-Strike 2 at the moment, part of the player base thinks it’s going to be a revolutionary update, especially due to the hope that Valve will massively improve the matchmaking experience.

At least for now, however, it’s impossible to know all the changes Valve will bring in Counter-Strike 2. The game will reportedly launch in beta by the end of March and ESL, one of the leading tournament organizers in CS:GO esports, doesn’t plan to switch to Counter-Strike 2 right away.

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