CS:GO stand-in replaced in controversial move after helping team qualify for BLAST Paris Major RMR

Part of the community deemed the move unfair to the player in question.

Rory “cryths” Ursell won’t attend the BLAST Paris Major Europe RMR A with Viperio, despite having helped them to secure the spot via the closed qualifier in February playing as a stand-in. The British organization made the decision to part ways with him and sign Matas “Extinct” Strumila yesterday night to round out the roster for the RMR in April.

Cryths joined Viperio as a stand-in after James “bevve” Slinn left the active lineup ahead of the start of the RMR process in February because of personal circumstances. Cryths helped Viperio fight their way through the first open qualifier, in which they beat boomer demons, Forward, and Tricked.

The U.K. team carried the good form to the closed qualifier and secured a spot in the RMR with a 3-2 record, defeating 1WIN, PGE Turow, and SAW throughout their journey, and losing to Astralis and fellow U.K. team Into the Breach.

“Not going to lie this feels like absolute shit, everything just ripped away like that,” cryths said on Twitter after the roster change was confirmed. “I just wish I could five-punch combo stick and move to the RMR. #backtoretirement.”

Even though cryths joined Viperio on such short notice, he had a positive impact on the squad. The 21-year-old finished the closed qualifier for the Europe RMR with a 1.08 rating after eight maps played, according to HLTV. Cryths was the second highest-player in Viperio in the tournament, just behind Jack “Gizmy” von Spreckelsen.

Because of that, part of the U.K. CS:GO community felt Viperio did cryths wrong and tweeted “justice for cryths” in the announcement. Viperio’s head coach Ciarán “biscu” King recognized this was a hard decision to make but defended the roster change Viperio made.

“To everyone who is disappointed with us, we have to make hard decisions in the best interests of the roster with the long term in mind and we believed this was our best plan of action,” biscu said.

The BLAST Paris Major Europe RMR A will run from April 6 to 9 and Viperio are up for a tough run as they could possibly face higher-rated CS:GO teams like Outsiders, Natus Vincere, FaZe Clan, and Fnatic.

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