CS:GO pro’s crucial error in BLAST Paris Major makes us feel better about our skills

Oh, dear.

If famous CS:GO commentator Henry “HenryG” Greer was casting Into the Breach vs. Vitality at the BLAST Paris Major, he would have used his iconic line “what a blunder” to describe what Joey “CRUC1AL” Steusel did on the big stage on May 18a mistake that even us noobs don’t commit in matchmaking.

CRUC1AL’s team Into the Breach had their backs against the wall on the CT side of Vertigo, the first map of today’s quarterfinal against Vitality. And right when CRUC1AL could have helped his teammates win the gun round and tie the game, he threw it all away with a life-costing mistake. The Dutch sniper was covering the A bombsite’s ramp with his AWP in Sandbags when he took one more step back while blinded by a flashbang and fell to his death.

CRUC1AL’s mistake ended up costing Into the Breach the round since they couldn’t hold down Vitality with a man disadvantage. We can’t know what would have happened if he didn’t fall from the building, but CRUC1AL has been more than solid with the AWP throughout the competition and could have killed one or two players in the round to help Into the Breach tie the match.

The CS:GO community, overall, hasn’t been too hard on CRUC1AL for the mistake and mainly had fun with it. “ZywOo so good that he can kill with just a flashbang,” one Reddit user wrote. “The flying Dutchman,” another Reddit user wrote.

After the mistake, Vitality secured the round and went on to win the map 16-11. The error might sting for a while, but considering Into the Breach were heavy underdogs against Vitality in the BLAST Paris Major quarterfinals, CRUC1AL should keep his head up high.

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