CS:GO prodigy m0NESY proves why he could be the next s1mple with incredible BLAST World Final performance

A new GOAT in the making.

Ilya “m0NESY” Osipov is often called an up-and-coming CS:GO starand possibly the next s1mple. In his last series at BLAST Premier World Final 2022, he showcased why.

The Russian was the best player on the server in G2 Esports’ dominating triumph over the IEM CS:GO Rio Major winners, Outsiders. He boasted a 56-20 KDA and pulled off a handful of incredible clutches, which were pivotal in G2 securing the series.

The first map was Inferno, where m0NESY executed two astounding clutches. Both of them were on the T-side, with the first one being a one-vs-two clutch with m0NESY’s favorite weapon, the AWP.


m0NESY was pinned down by two Outsiders players, who knew his position and were ready to run him down. After a first failed shot from m0NESY, it looked like the round was lost for G2, but the Russian’s rapid shots with the AWP saved the day, leaving the casters stunned.


In the second one-vs-two clutch, he planted the bomb in the last second after eliminating n0rb3r7. He then read his final opponent like a book, anticipating his position and handing him a clean headshot.

Mirage was a much more one-sided affair. G2 claimed the map 16-1 and almost every G2 player delivered. M0NESY also had some brilliant plays on the map, continuing his reign in the series.

Thanks to M0NESY, G2 qualified for the quarterfinals of the tournament, while Outsiders bid farewell.

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