CS:GO pro wipes out 4 players with incredible sniper play on Dust II

This man deserves to be on a team.

German CS:GO player Florian “syrsoN” Rische proved once again that he’s one of the best Scout players out there when he’s not using the AWP.

The Scout’s body shots are less powerful than the AWP’s because if the enemy players are wearing kevlar, they won’t be instantly killed. So when using the Scout, you must aim for the head and hope to hit a headshot. This is exactly what syrsoN pulled off in his latest highlight clip with the cheaper sniper rifle.

On top of being incredibly fast with the weapon, syrsoN also wall-banged one of his opponents before making his way to CT Mid and wiping out the enemy team with only Scout headshots to win a round in a recent matchmaking game.


This isn’t a play that you should attempt in your own competitive games unless you’re cracked with the Scout just like syrsoN is. This sniper rifle is one of the hardest weapons to master in CS:GO along with the Desert Eagle, because both of them require headshot accuracy.

SyrsoN has been a dedicated AWPer throughout his career and he’s also really effective with the Scout on force buys and anti-eco rounds in professional games. The 26-year-old had 171 frags with the Scout in professional matches last year, according to HLTV. SyrsoN only got more kills with the AWP (2082) and the USP-S (183), meaning he’s actually better with the Scout than he’s with rifles like AK-47 or M4A4.

The German pro has been focusing on streaming CS:GO since he benched himself from BIG this month after subpar results at BLAST Premier Spring Groups and IEM Katowice. Unless he returns to BIG’s active lineup, it’s likely he’ll stay out of the competitive scene until BLAST Paris Major is concluded in May as most teams have finalized their roster for the competition.

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