CS:GO pro hilariously asks where are the BLAST Paris Major stickers

Why is this taking so long, Valve?

CadiaN, the captain and AWPer of Heroic’s CS:GO team, is the latest personality in the community to inquire about the release of the team and players stickers for the upcoming BLAST Paris Major, which will be played in France between May 8 and 21.

We’re less than a week away from the Major, and everyone in the community is eager to see the stickers after players and teams submitted them back in April during the Major qualifiers. The community got even more anxious on May 2 after Ninjas in Pyjamas CEO Chahine Hicham joked that Valve wouldn’t release stickers for the last CS:GO Major ever.

CadiaN took another route to ask for the stickers, and we all can agree it’s way funnier than Hicham’s.

Most of cadiaN’s fans enjoyed his acting and some of them praised him for his abilities out of the server. “This is def a top five jumpscare,” one fan replied. A different fan, on the other hand, memed about the situation.

The stickers for the IEM Rio Major, the last Valve-sponsored tournament in CS:GO, were delivered on October 21, 2022, exactly 10 days before the competition kicked off. We’re currently less than a week ahead of BLAST Paris Major and the stickers haven’t been released.

When the Major stickers release in CS:GO, the community always has fun opening the loot boxes and trying to get their favorite team or player’s sticker. It’s unclear what Valve will do for the BLAST Paris Major stickers, but the game developer did four different versions of each player and team sticker for the IEM Rio Major in November 2022: common, glitter, holo, and gold.

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It’s not just the stickers that are important for the community. They play a key role in the CS:GO ecosystem as both teams and players get a revenue share of their sales. Valve revealed after the IEM Rio Major that the sticker sales generated $70 million for teams and players in 2021 and 2022, which certainly helps esports organizations stay afloat and continuing to invest in the title.

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