CS:GO players reveal their bizarre keybindings and some are just plain wrong

Mezii would be proud.

Counter-Strikes diverse player base has revealed their ridiculous key binds, all tailored for their unique gaming experience. Key binds were implemented in the FPS to help all types of gamers find the perfect key for the perfect functionbut after seeing some of these variations, we’re not exactly sure this is what Valve had planned.

Players congregated in a Reddit thread on April 27 to showcase their weird control schemes, and to determine which CS:GO player had the worst key binds, and maybe these abominations should have never seen the light of day.

In the thread, the CS:GO fandom revelled their strange key binds for walking, crouching, and grenades, with each admission progressively getting worse.

The key bind feature, which has been a long-standing mechanic in CS:GO, allows players to bind equipment like smoke grenades to custom buttons, avoiding the slow draw time of going through each piece of utility.

Players eventually decided they could go beyond these equipment settings and change the way they move, crouch, and even shoot. And, in the April 17 thread, Counter-Strike players across the internet admitted they are now using things like their mouse buttons to crouch and reloaded weapons with T instead of the traditional R key.

Amateur and casual gamers arent the only culprits of strange key binds either. The pro scene has at least one individual whose key binds boggle the minds of almost every other CS:GO player on the tournament tour; Fnatics William Mezii Merriman notoriously uses his right click to move forward, paired with the space bar to move backward.

Hes still a solid player, but his key binds are questionable at best.

Sometimes these control schemes arent created haphazardly. Theyre more likely to originate from other titles like Quake or Call of Duty. Players whove moved from one game to another usually take something with them, and in this case, its key binds. But, that doesn’t make them a little strange to see for more vanilla players.

These days of fun may be over though, with Valve actually creating a one-key maximum in Counter-Strike 2. This has dramatically impacted hosts of players negatively and has left many hoping the devs may eventually change it back.

At this stage, you’ll have to stick to CS:GO for your whackiest binds.

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