CS:GO players may have spent millions on new package just 24 hours after release

An eye-watering amount.

It’s no surprise to hear CS:GO cases and skins are heavily popular, though the amount of money the newest Anubis Collection Package has already made might be shocking.

The collection was released in the late evening of April 24 out of nowhere, like Valve cases usually are. One CS:GO player and skins collector going by the name of TDM_Heyzeus revealed on Twitter that in the span of around 24 hours, people have already opened over 1.9 million Anubis Collection Packages, which would make around $4 million since one of them costs $1.99.

In their calculations, TDM_Heyzeus used the mathematical odds of the probability to open a Covert skin, which is 1/3906. In the Anubis Collection Package, one skin has such rarityM4A4 | Eye of Horus.

Afterward, they took the number of these M4A4 | Eye of Horuses already in the game, according to data from the largest CS:GO skin database on the web, float.db. The player multiplied this number by the odds of opening one Eye of Horus, concluding there have been around 1.9 million cases opened in the first 24 hours.

If anything, this answers the question of how much money Valve makes from skins, at least sort of. Anubis Collection Package is different from most CS:GO cases since it doesn’t need a key to be opened. Today, keys cost around $2.49 and are likely still more popular due to the rarity of some items which can be found in certain cases.

Still, Valve needed to add Anubis Collection Package to the game, since the map had to have one for the upcoming BLAST.tv Paris CS:GO Major. During Valve-sponsored events, players may buy Viewer’s Pass and upgrade their Event Coin by successfully predicting the teams who go through to the next rounds.

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These Event Coin challenges can be then traded for a Collection Package from a certain map played during the tournament. Since Anubis has been a part of the official map pool since November 2022, it was expected that Valve would release one sooner rather than later.

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