CS:GO player banned for cheating during North American Paris Major qualifier

That's something new.

A CS:GO player was banned on Feb. 14 for cheating during an open qualifier for BLAST.tv Paris Major.

A player named pawt from a team called Fun Mix was banned during the game against Strife for cheating, according to Dust2.us. The match was broadcasted live by the outlet, and the moment that the individual was banned was caught on camera.


At first, the casters were surprised as to why pawt was thrown out of the game, but the chat log between the two teams revealed that he was banned for cheating. This, naturally, resulted in disbelief from both the casters and the players themselves.

Previously, Fun Mix defeated a Canadian team named goomba stomp in the round of 32 with a 16-13 score. This score was overturned, and it was the latter who advanced to the round of 16 due to pawt receiving a ban for cheating. There, Strife swiftly defeated goomba stomp 16-2, qualifying for the round of eight, where they will face 4ORMULA in a best-of-three series.

More surprisingly, the player who was caught cheating supposedly went live on Twitch afterward, where he streamed a pickup game with the same team on which he used the banned software, according to one user on CS:GO Reddit.

Very rarely there are cases of CS:GO players cheating in qualifiers for any kind of tier-one tournament, especially for Valve-sponsored Majors, making this one truly mind-boggling.

Currently, players from all over the world are trying their luck in open qualifiers for the RMR tournaments. In the RMRs, teams will compete for a spot at the upcoming BLAST.tv Paris CS:GO Major itself, which is scheduled to begin on May 8.

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