CS:GO Major winner Boombl4 officially enters free agency

And he's reportedly building a new team.

Kirill “Boombl4” Mikhaylov has parted ways with Natus Vincere.

The player revealed yesterday that his contract with the organization has come to an end. At the same time, he admitted that he’s ready for new challenges and hinted that he’s looking for a new team and opportunities. “There are a huge number of peaks that I have not reached,” he wrote.

Boombl4 was benched by NAVI on May 28, 2022, following the PGL Antwerp CS:GO Major. Back then, the organization claimed that it has benched the 24-year-old due to reputational risks. Many more details were disclosed in the following weeks, which pointed out that Boombl4 was recorded to reportedly take drugs by his ex-wife, who also courted controversy by posting pro-Russia statements about the ongoing war. The player later took tests to prove he was clean from drugs, and explained that his ex-wife was blackmailing him.

As of now, rumors claim that Boombl4 is trying to create a roster including names like Igor “Forester” Bezotecheskiy and Aleksandr “KaiR0N–” Anashkin, which would be playing under BetBoom banner, according to HLTV.

During his time at Natus Vincere, Boombl4 won numerous S-tier titles, including the PGL Major Stockholm 2021. In that year, NAVI strung together a multitude of victories, also claiming BLAST Premier: Fall and World Final 2021, ESL Pro League Season 14, and IEM Cologne 2021 among others, claiming the Intel Grand Slam Season 3 prize along the way.

NAVI themselves looked to Viktor sdy Orudzhev as Boombl4’s replacement, though, the former was released by the organization last week.

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