CS:GO leakers lay out what maps are possibly ready for Source 2

This map pool would cover almost every CS:GO game mode.

There are a total of seven Counter-Strike maps that could be playable once Valve deploys the game engine Source 2 for CS:GO, according to what leakers Gabe Follower, Aquarius, and Ale_CS have found since 2022. Overpass, Inferno, and Cobblestone are the competitive maps, while Short Dust, Lake, Shoots, and Italy could be used on more casual modes like Wingman and Arms Race.

This is based on what these leakers have found in the game files over the past few months. Apparently, all seven of these maps have gained a version in Source 2 since they had the “s2” suffix at the end of their game name, which the community thinks means a port to Source 2. This map pool is decent because it covers all the current game modes in CS:GO apart from Danger Zone, according to Gabe Follower.

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This doesn’t mean, however, that these seven maps will be the only ones played when Source 2 launches. “It might be full-fledged remakes and other maps will be directly ported from [the] current engine,” Gabe Follower said.

All that we know thus far is that the Source 2 engine will launch for Counter-Strike at the end of March in beta, according to a report by veteran journalist Richard Lewis. Valve will most likely deploy a CS:GO update rather than release a new game that would replace CS:GO entirely. Lewis also reported that professional players tested the game and that Source 2 was about ready to go.

Hopes have been higher than ever since Lewis’ report and a leak from today pointed out that Source 2 has been added to the developer pre-release branch, which means the developer build is being updated. This has left the community wondering if Valve is about to deploy Source 2 in the coming days as this step that was leaked is usually done when developers are getting ready to push a release.

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