CS:GO is still breaking records over a decade after its original release

One of the greatest games in PC history is still pushing upward.

Although it’s been 11 years since CS:GO was released, the popular first-person shooter hasn’t slowed down with its loyal player base, leading all titles in active users over the past few months. The game has also continuously broken its own concurrent user record, and on March 25, it crested another massive mark in its storied history.

CS:GO has broken its own active player base peak with a whopping 1.5 million players on the game at the same time, according to video game user tracker SteamDB. This is around 200 thousand people more than its previous peak set last month.

Screengrab via SteamDB

Throughout this past week, the game has hovered around one million concurrent players, but the rising hype around the title has elevated their numbers to new heights.

One of the biggest reasons that players have started to pour back onto the servers is because Valve recently unveiled Counter-Strike 2 as the next title in the series. The company has also started to open up its limited test run to select players around the globe. As a result, people are now constantly checking their clients for the invite while also sharpening up their skills before the official release this coming summer.

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Even though the game has remained relatively the same in terms of gameplay, CS:GO‘s consistency has made it a perfect example where a title is easy to start but hard to master. The competitive scene is also thriving, with hundreds of thousands of fans watching tournaments like ESL Pro League and previous Major events.

For the next months leading to CS2, CS:GO‘s player base should maintain itself until more users are allowed onto the test servers. In the meantime, fans can improve their aim and game sense with a couple of games while waiting for access.

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