CS:GO fans slam BLAST for ‘borderline cringe’ Paris Major player interviews

Are they right?

The BLAST.tv Paris CS:GO Major has been at the center of attention of the whole game’s community over the past week, but one part of the tournament has faced criticism from fansthe interviews.

FURIA and 9INE became the first two teams to get eliminated from the Legends Stage of the event on May 14, and shortly after their games finished, fans slammed “poor journalism and borderline cringe” interviews on Reddit.

The author of the post criticized the post-game interviews for having the same basic questions over and over again, like “Does it feel good to win or lose?” asked in different manners. “The losers interviews are especially cringe when you have a person borderline in tears and you are asking them these crappy questions,” they claimed.

Naturally, the author also acknowledged that every esports and sport on the planet has post-game losers interviews, and the case should be no different with CS:GO. Still, they feel the questions asked during the BLAST.tv Paris Major are just poor and don’t bring anything new to the table.

Many people in the comments agreed with the sentiment. In their eyes, post-game interviews during the Parisian Major are boring, with the players giving simple answers to even simpler, basic questions. “I just wish the interviews werent such fucking dogshit. None of the questions are interesting, so none of the answers are interesting,” one viewer wrote.

Some also criticized interviewer Adam “Dinko” Hawthorne directly, though they underlined the fact that he’s not an interviewer on a regular basis, but a caster. Therefore, they understand his performance in the new role and blamed the organizers for hiring him for a role he was not suited for.

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BLAST.tv Paris CS:GO Major Legends Stage finishes on May 15, with teams battling it out for their spot in the Champions Stage.

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