CS:GO European Pro League shuts down cheating allegations against Polish team

No evidence of foul play was found by the tournament organizer.

European Pro League today dismissed the recent allegations made by former Natus Vincere CS:GO pro and current Monte player Viktor sdy Orudzhev that PALOMA had cheated in the grand finals of European Pro League season six versus his team.

Sdy said on Twitter after Monte defeated PALOMA 3-0 in the grand finals that tournament organizers should refrain from inviting the Polish team to their tournaments as it’s “obvious” for any reasonable CS:GO player that they’re cheating. The Ukrainian pro also called out European Pro League for not running the matches with an anti-cheat enable. Along with the allegations, sdy shared two suspicious clips in which PALOMA could have used wallhack.

European Pro League has asked the teams and the fans to submit information and material for consideration if they consider a team “suspicious” and that it hasn’t found any evidence of foul play in PALOMA’s case at this point.

“Even after studying the games of PALOMA, do you have any evidence that they are cheaters? At this point in time, we do not have the right to take any action against them, sincere there is no direct evidence indicating their foul play,” European Pro League said in a statement. “The European Pro League, as a tournament organizer, has always been and will be for honest CS:GO.”

Monte beat PALOMA 3-0 at the European Pro League season six grand finals, but all three maps were closeMirage (16-14), Nuke (16-12), and Ancient (16-14). All clips that sdy shared happened on Nuke.

Before playing under the PALOMA tag, the Polish quintet of Dawid Layner Falczyński, Mariusz casey Jarząb, Patryk OLIMP Woźniak, Rafał sNx Snopek, and Rafał iso Tync competed for Permitta Esports between November 2022 and February 2023. The organization parted ways with them weeks after their participation at the IEM Katowice Play-In stage.

None of the Monte or PALOMA players have commented on European Pro League’s statement thus far.

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