CS:GO bug turns one of the game’s worst weapons into a powerhouse

Enjoy while you can.

There’s a glitch in CS:GO that allows the R8 Revolver, one of the game’s pistols, to shoot instantly with the Mouse One button while remaining accurate, as one player discovered in a May 25 post to Reddit.

This bug makes the weapon very powerful, as the left click originally has a delay to fire the shot accurately, while the shot with Mouse Two (right click) is instant, but inaccurate. These original mechanics are the reason why almost everyone in the professional scene (and even at the casual level) use the Desert Eagle rather than the R8, as the former allows players to shoot faster while having accuracy. But this glitch could turn CS:GO in the Wild West again, like when the R8 was added in 2015 and it was quite overpowered.

The glitch was shared by casual CS:GO player Nallleson on Reddit after they spent time browsing through the game files and testing “a lot” in order to make the left click shot fire instantly. If you want to play with a broken R8, Nallesson laid out the specific maneuvers you need to make in order for it to work.

To perform the glitch, players must first shoot all eight rounds with the right click. Then, they must perform a quick switch from the R8 to the knife, and then switch back to the R8 while holding both Mouse One and Mouse Two buttons. From there, it’s a matter of timing reloads and keeping Mouse Two held while using Mouse One to charge the R8’s hammer. The glitch removes every movement accuracy penalty apart from jumping.

The discovery of this glitch left the CS:GO community seemingly divided. Part of the playerbase on Reddit looked excited to test this glitch that could make the R8 “meta” in the final days of CS:GO while they wait for the release of Counter-Strike 2 this summer.

Several players, however, told Nallleson to email Valve and explain how the glitch works so the developers can fix it via a patch in the near future. Luckily for them, Nallleson said he has already emailed Valve.

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