CS:GO 2 hype grows again after latest Dota 2 patch accidentally leaks even more details

Another log added to the already burning fire.

The long-awaited rejuvenation of Counter-Strike has been accidentally shared within Dota 2s Dead Reckoning update files on Monday, March 6.

Alongside balance changes, a new hero, and more, the new Dota 2 patchwhich the community is actually pretty disappointed byfocused on updating [the game’s] models to a newer format known as ModelDoc.

Deep within that same code, files detailing CS:GO maps, skins, and keys were discovered, which only added to the Source 2 hype. “These deprecated APIs are listed on the Source 2 Developer Community Wiki,” the change list noted, which many fans already believe has revealed CS:GO’s transition onto the Source 2 engine.

The details, which were originally shared on Twitter by famed Valve reporter GabeFollower, are already being called the biggest CS:GO leak on Source 2.

Among the leaked files was an old map, Zoo, as well as cases, keys, spray kits, and stickers, all of which could be tied to CS:GO 2’s release.

These leaks come a day after reports popped up suggesting the CS:GO 2 release and Source 2 engine changes are basically ready. The reports detailed changes to the Valve title’s matchmaking system, reasons for a lack of updates, and new 128-tick servers to rival that of VALORANT and third-party servers.

Based on numerous leaks and reports, it seems Source 2s arrival is set for the end of March. Valve has yet to confirm the leaks or reports, leaving jaded fans questioning if this is all another false alarm or if it’s finally the real deal after all.

Hopefully, we get more news soon confirming CS:GO 2’s release from Valve soon and we can finally put all the buzzing speculation behind us to prepare for launch.

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