CS2 players can literally just activate wall-hacks right now and Valve needs to patch it fast

Now you can go toe-to-toe with the best.

The Counter-Strike franchise has a not-so-ideal reputation when it comes to cheating thats plagued the FPS since its early days, and CS2 certainly isn’t helping the causeright now, the closed testing beta seems to just give players hacks for free.

Right now, players can reportedly type in cl_physics_highlight_active 5 into the beta’s console and immediately see enemies through walls. Users who type this in will be able to spot rectangles showcasing an enemy’s position before theyre in eyesight, effectively giving them infamous “red squares” via a quick code string.

As it turns out, anyone can use this in their CS2 matches. In a video shared on March 28, Youtuber Kandis recreated the bug with ease, and its something Valve might want to take a look at quite quickly.

CS2 is currently in an invite-only beta, with a small selection of people granted access. This could cause havoc in each match, as its even possible to do in unranked lobbies.

Valve has yet to publicly respond to the newly-discovered exploit.

CS:GOs sequel update, which shifted the FPS onto the Source 2 engine, has had somewhat of a bumpy start even outside this wallhack exploit. Glitches have emerged making bolt-actioned weapons shoot at an uncontrollable rate, ruining the new-and-improved smoke grenades by clipping walls, and even delaying shot registration.

This isnt even the first cheat to appear in CS2 either. Cheaters have apparently already crafted programs that force players to fall through the map uncontrollably, leaving a knife fight to the death as they plummet to the lowest point beneath the lobby.

This cheat, however, isnt even created by a third party; its a feature that Valve either forgot to remove or is completely bugged.

It seems Valve has a lot on its plate between patching up old mistakes and ironing out new player-made bugs, so dont expect to be added to the beta anytime soon.

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