Crossplay, cross-progression are coming in Rainbow Six Siege Operation Solar Raid

Join your friends on any platform without worrying about progression.

Rainbow Six Siege Operation Solar Raid is adding cross-progression and crossplay to the game, allowing players to queue with friends on other platforms and to keep their progress across all systems, Ubisoft announced today.

Siege players can enjoy crossplay with players on other consoles with the eventual release of Operation Solar Raid, allowing groups of friends to queue regardless of their platforms. Those who dont want to play enemies on other platforms can turn off the option in the settings menu.

Account progression in Siege is essential since your level determines which modes are available to enjoy. Players cant play the ranked playlist until level 50, which is a significant grind for new accounts. 

Many players also have extensive inventories of cosmetic items, which previously didnt transfer if you switched to a new console or platform. The new cross-progression feature negates these issues, allowing players to keep the same progress, items, and currencies across all platforms. 

Players will need to log in to their Ubisoft Connect Accounts to share progress across platforms. Players will also receive one free Alpha Pack in their Ubisoft Connect account and need to use it to play with friends on other platforms.

Operation Solar Raid is the final season of Year Seven and is ending the year with a bang. Players can expect the new defender Solis, who can use her SPEC-IO Electro-Sensor gadget to help gather intel for her team. The season is also adding the Nighthaven Labs map, giving players a new arena to master. 

Operation Solar Raid will go live in Siege on Tuesday, Dec. 6.

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