Crafty Cypher turns VALORANT cages into one mega-sized weapon—literally

The VALORANT community never disappoints.

A Cypher player showed the VALORANT agent could be used in more creative ways than just a sentinel on April 27. They shaped a giant-sized weapon out of his cages, and it even caught Riot Games’ attention.

VALORANT is a highly competitive game, but sometimes, it’s nice to let off steam and relax. That’s what a player did by creating a rather unexpected project in the shooter game. In a tweet, a player called Artene11 proudly showed off a work of street art they created using Cypher‘s unactivated cagesturning them into a mega-sized Vandal.

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A total of 1,629 cages were used to create this artwork, showing true dedication and patience from the player. And it didn’t go unnoticed. Riot’s official account left a comment saying it was an “impressive use of cages.”

This unexpected yet creative idea also stirred a reaction in the community. The player received an overwhelmingly positive reaction to their tweet, with some calling this the VALORANT version of pixel art in Minecraft.

This isn’t the first art project from Artene11. They also created a giant Classic weapon using Killjoy’s Nanoswarm grenades (unactivated, once again). They said they even reached the limits of their PC after putting that many grenades in one map, which prevented them from filling the weapon design. It seems Cypher’s cages were the solution to that issue since they were able to design the complete weapon.

Now, we wonder what the player’s next project will be. Maybe a Phantom using Viper’s Poison Cloud? The possibilities are endless.

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